6 MAY 1843

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The Anti-Corn-law Leaguers seem to have made real progress in

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the country as well as the towns, and some ominous conversions of' farmers have taken place. In more than one agricultural district the delegates of the League have talked down...


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THE mortal remains of the Duke of SUSSEX have left this out- ward world ; and no more abides with us than the record of his name in the Royal pedigree, and a pleasant memory. We...

The proceeding seems likely to lead to a curious and

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satisfactory sequel. Lord Jona Russei.c rejoins with notice of a vote of thanks to Sir HENRY POTTINGER ; saying, in effect, If we thank the Tory- appointed envoy, whom we...

The prospects of the Government education scheme do not mend.

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Government have given further proof that they honestly desire to accomplish the professed object—to make a beginning ; within the House of Commons they have confirmed the...

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The doom of our Indian empire also impels us forward

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; and the annexation of Seinde, announced by the overland mail, carries our frontier further towards the wild regions that have given us so much trouble. The province will have...

The " Servian question," for the third or fourth time,

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is settled ; and Russia, it is said, has forced the Porte to consent to a new election in favour of old Prince MELOSCH. The four other Powers have left the Porte and its...

litbates anb Vrotabings inVarliamtnt.

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NATIONAL EDUCATION. In the House of Commons, on Monday, Sir JAMES GRAHAM pro- duced a series of amendments in the Factories Bill, and made a state- ment in explanation of their...

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'Ube (Tow.

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THE event of the week, the Royal Funeral, has tended to interrupt all ordinary movements at Court. The Queen's progress to recovery has been uninterrupted; and the last bulletin...

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gbe Artetropolis.

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Sir James Shaw has resigned the office of City Chamberlain, in con- sequence of ill health. He was elected Alderman of Portsoken Ward in 1798, Sheriff in 1803, and Mayor in...

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Much consternation has been caused in Dublin by the flight of Mr. Finn, the Treasurer of the Corporation. The Lord Mayor stated at a rueeting of the Town-Council, on Monday,...

Zbe Vrobintes.

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The nomination of candidates for Salisbury took place in that city on Wednesday. The candidates were, the Honourable E. P. Bouverie, son of the Earl of Radnor, and Mr. A....


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The London papers copy, without contradiction, the statement of the Clare Journal that Sir J. Fitzgerald has been appointed Governor of Bombay. Mr. John Gay Newton Alleyne has...

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POSTSCRIPT SATURDAY NIGHT. In the House of Commons, last night, Sir ROBERT PEEL brought for- ward his promised plan of Church-extension ; moving a resolution, that the House...

Last night's Gazette announces that the Commissioners for preserv- ing

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the Navigation of the River Mersey have appointed Captain George Evans, R. N., Acting Conservator of the Mersey, in the room of Cap- tain Fitzroy, appointed Governor of New...

At the official declaration of the poll for Salisbury, on

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Thursday, the numbers were—for Hassey, 252; Bouverie, 188; majority, 64. Mr. Hussey was declared duly elected.

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The Paris papers of Thursday announce the departure of the

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King and Queen of the Belgians on the previous day. The Paris papers of Thursday announce the departure of the King and Queen of the Belgians on the previous day. They...

Liverpool has been visited by another alarming fire. It was

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disco- vered on Thursday afternoon, in the top story of one among ten ware- houses belonging to the trustees of the late Duke of Bridgewater, be- tween the Duke's and the King's...


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THE changeful and disastrous season of Covent Garden terminated by the premature closing of the theatre, with a bankrupt treasury, at the end of last week. This result,...


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ARRIVED—At Gravesend, ath April, I'm. Bayley, Tyack. from the Cape; 4th Childe Harold, Willis, from Bombay; and Northumberland, Warner, from Calcutta. In the Downs. 29th April,...


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STOCK EXCHANGE. FRIPAT AFT ERNCATN. The market was heavy at the commencement of the week, in conse- quence of the decline of the French Funds and the reported misunderstanding...

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The Haymarket has produced no novelty this week; but the

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im- provements both before and behind the curtain are appreciated by the playgoing public. Mr. FARREN is now stage-manager ; and the cor- rectness and elegance of the costumes...

- The name of M. COULON appeared in the hills

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of the Italian Opera last night as beneficiaire ; and Don Giovanni was taken to procure a full house. FORNASARI was the hero: it is almost needless to say that he performed it...

Aces and Galatea was performed last night at Drury Lane,

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with a new cast— Ads, Mr. ALLEN instead of Miss HORTON. Galatea, --Miss NovELLo Miss ROMER. Polyphemus, Herr STAUDIOL Mr. PHILLIPS. Damon, Mr. HUDSON Mr. ALLEN. On the...


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EXETER HALL IN ITS SEASON. Tint May meetings of Exeter Hall are as certain in their periodical recurrence as the meeting of Parliament ; they belong to the Insti- tutions of...


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A FOREIGNER who entered London by Hyde Park, on Wednesday, would have supposed that there had been a great mortality in the land, but that the evil had passed, and that some...

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THE belief that the present Government have deliberately deter- mined to halt in the improvement of the Post-office system which was begun by the Whigs, has awakened a renewed...


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A PENNY picture bearing this title used in our boyhood to be a favourite with children, and in great request for decorating the walls of cottages. It contained a number of...


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Loan ASHLEY is needed to expose the depraved condition of large masses of the people sunk in ignorance ; but occasionally outrage- ous spectacles burst forth among the " upper"...

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Taavu,s, Travels in the Great Western Prairies. the Anahuac, and Rocky Mountain' Land in the Oregou Territory. By Thomas J. Farnham. In two volumes ..... —Bentley. Bromwery,...

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THIS work is written in an elegant style and an amiable spirit ; but it rather supplies the "reading" public of the day with a modern- ized account of ADDISON and some of his...

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Front April 213th to May 4th. BOOKS. The Revolutions, Insurrections, and Conspiracies of Europe. By W. C. Tavt.on, LL.D., Trinity College, Dublin ; Author of "The Natural...

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BIRTHS. On the 20th of April, at Heathfield Cottage. the Hon. Mrs. LANE, of a daughter. On the 24th, at Moray l'lace, Ediuburgh, the Lady of WILLIAM MAXWELL, Esq., the younger,...


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OLD WATER-COLOUR SOCIETY. THIN favourite exhibition still preserves its superiority as a whole over all others, notwithstanding the changes that have taken place in its...

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Tuesday, May 2. PARTNERSHIPS DisSOLFED. Earle aud Wood. Cheltenham, sus goons-Truman and Jenson. High Street, Shore. ditch. oilmen-T. and T. C Ward. Shrewsbury. grocers-W. mei...


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BRITISH &hotline - FUNDS. Monday. (Closing Tuesday. -- Prices.) Waxes. Thurs. Meta,. 96a 961 90; 3 per Cent. Cousols 961 963 Ditto for Account . .... 961 964 961 961...