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Railway affairs appear likely to claim almost as large a

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share of attention in the present as they have occupied in some former ses- sions ; but in a different way. It is no longer the shoal of ill- considered or fictitious projects...

The exposigon of American dynamics, somewhat suddenly vo- lunteered by

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the Times on Wednesday last, was a political fact not less important than the declaration which we have just quoted. The question as to the right or wrong of the contest...

The French Senate appears to shrink from the responsibility of

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declaring " the Empire,' and invites a consultation of "the peo- ple " • to which Louis Napoleon assents. He knows how to be- speak the echo of the seven millions. How he will...

Edinburgh has had its meeting as well as Manchester; but

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with this distinction, that Edinburgh itself makes no sign. The object of the meeting was, not to enunciate any separate position for the intellectual capital of Scotland, but...


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To those who expected nothing, the opening-day of the new Parlia- ment will fulfil the expectation ; except perhaps that there may have been some agreeable disappointment at the...

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THE Queen still remains at Windsor Castle. She has only driven out thrice during the week ; and appears to have walked but little. Prince Albert has been developing his taste...

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From Cornhill to Paris there is now instant communication by means of electric telegraph. What may perhaps be called the opening of the wires was characterized by a curious...

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OPENING OP THE SESSION. PARLIAMENT was opened on Thursday, by a Royal Commission, com- prising the Lord Chancellor, the Duke of Northumberland, the Marquis of Salisbury, the...

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Cht Ibrunium.

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The great and long-promised demonstration in the Free-trade Hall at Manchester was made on Tuesday. The hall was arranged to accommo- date, as nearly as possible, three thousand...

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Mr. Macaulay made his long-looked-for public appearance at Edin- burtch on Tuesday afternoon ; and addressed his constituents. The Mu- sic-gall, the scene of the meeting, was...


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While the Coroner's inquest on the bodies of the men killed at Six- mile Bridge was pending, an article was published in the Anglo- Celt newspaper, accusing the soldiers of the...

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fonigt an Colonial.

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Fa/arca—The Usurper's Senate mat on Thursday, according to the late decree. The sittings were private ; but the practical conclusion oozed out, and the public learn that ten...

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It is believed that the address in the House of Commons will be moved by Lord Lovaine, Member for North Northumberland, and seconded by Mr. E. Christopher Egerton, the Member...


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The Oratorio season at Exeter Hall began last night. The perform- ances consisted of the beautiful funeral music in Samson, " as a tribute of respect to the memory of the late...

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The preparations at Chelsea for the reception of the remains

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of the Great Duke are to be completed by the 10th instant ; when the body will be brought up from Walmer by special train, and escorted from the station by cavalry. On the 11th,...

The Piedmontese Gazette of the 2d instant announces that the

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King had definitively charged Count Camillas de Cavour with the construction of a new Cabinet.

In Mr. William Pitt Adams, the news of whose early

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death, at Lima, has been recently received, the diplomatic corps has lost a public servant of some- what rare merit. The obscurity in which this gentleman's life and duties...


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SATURDAY. The following is the message from the President of the Republic read in the Senate on Thursday. " Senators—The nation has clearly manifested its wish for the...

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The steamer City.. Manchester arrived at Live 1 this morning

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from Philadelphia, w it papers to the 23d October. r. Webster was dangerously ill ; and his name had been withdrawn from the list of candi- dates for the Presidency.

The Houses of Convocation, both in the province of Canterbury

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and of York, were opened yesterday. The Archbishop of Canterbury, wearing his Convocation robes, the Bishops of Manchester, Oxford, and Llandaf wearing theirs, and Deans,...


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&rocs EXCHANGE. FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Stock Market has presented the same inanimate appearance that we noticed last week, and the transactions have not been numerous;...

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After the inactivity which this year, as usual, characterized the earlier part of autumn, we have a period of productiveness which even exceeds the average measure of reaction....


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ME PARLIAMENT-MEN, NEW AND OLD. Mon of us will feel that the opening of the session of Parliament is the opening of a fresh period in politics ; the present more con- sciously...

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A TIME is come when the wooden walls of Old England, whatever share they may have taken, will again come into use, and the po- litical existence if not the liberties of the...


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FRANCE is attaining to a position novel in these latter days, but not unprecedented, at least relatively; and another state once stood its ground against that power in its...


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TICE Registrar-General contributes his evidence to the proofs of the general prosperity, and of the great movements which have promoted that prosperity. The marriages in the...

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CONTROVERSY respecting Sabbath-observance has assumed a highly practical form, in the effort to prevent the new Crystal Palace at Sydenham from being opened to the public on...

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THE launch of the screw-steamer Bengal adds another to that flee', large in numbers and vast in dimensions, with which Enesh commerce is travelling the world. The vessel is an...


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"TIE Empire " has been recognized in London. We did not ex- pect it quite so soon, but commerce anticipates the invasion, and the supply of British allegiance to French...

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THACRERAY'S ESMOND. * Esmond is an autobiographical memoir of the first five-and- thirty years of the life of an English gentleman of family, written in his old age after his...

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of his three weeks in Paris, Sir Francis Head has given a fortnight to Ireland ; but with the general inferiority of imitations, especially of a man's self. In Paris he really...

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RIDDLE'S HAMPTON LECTURES. * THE Bampton Lectures for the current year,

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preached in compli- ance with the will of the founder before the University of Oxford, do not possess a very remarkable literary character, beyond a defi- nite purpose, a clear...

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• Boors. State Papers, published under the Authority of her Majesty's Commis- sion. Volumes VI. to XI. History of the American _Revolution. By George Bancroft, Corre- aponding...

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Tuesday, November 2. PARTNERSHIPS DissoLvEn.—Smith and Aylan, Stockton-upon-Tees, coal-fitters- J. and J. Ware, Glasshouse Yard, Aldersgate Street, coach-builders—Williams...

NIAVAL GAZETTE. ADMIRALTY, Oct. 29.—Rear-Admiral of the White Sir D.

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Dunn, Knt. K.C.H. ha s been appointed to receive a pension of 1501. a year, as provided for in her Majesty 's order in Council of the 25th of June 1851, vacant by the decease,...

MILITARY GAZETTE, WAR-OFFICE, Nov. 2.-67th Regt. of Foot—Major-Gen. J. F.

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Ewart, C.B. to be Col. vice Lieut.-Gen. J. Clitherow, K.C. dec. WAR-OFFICE, Nov. 5.—lst Begt. Drags.—Acting Assist.-Surg. W. J. A. Orr to be Assist.-Surg. vice De Lisle,...


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On the 29th October, at Tangmere Rectory, Sussex, the Wife of the Rev. William Burnett, of a daughter. On the 29th, at Auchintord House, N.B.; the Lady Cochrane, of a son. On...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Mooing Prices.) &Kurd. Xotallsy.2tHadsy. Wadawa. 17uars. Friday, per Cent Comets Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock,...