7 APRIL 1838

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Two subjects have chiefly engrossed the attention of Parliament this week. First, the formation of a competent and trustworthy tribunal for the adjudication of controverted...

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General FL1NTER, whose success over the Carlists near Toledo was

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lately mentioned, having excited the jealousy of ESPARTRRO, has been compelled to resign the command of the only body of the Queen of Spain's troops which has performed any...

An American packet brings newspapers from New York, dated the

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10th of March. The malecontents on the Canadian frontier continued to give trouble to the British in Upper Canada, and the American militia in New York and Michigan. Two...

Elenitrit anti Protrefingti in tattrliatnent.

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TRIAL OE' DISPUTED ELECTIONS. In the House of Commons, on Monday, the order of the day for the further consideration of the report on Mr. Charles Butler's Con. troverted...

There is considerable objection in the Belgian Chambers, and among

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the people, to undertake the payment of the arrears oe the Belgian share of the Netherlandish Debt. It is hardly fair that the Dutch King, who has kept the affair unsettled, and...

The remark which we have had occasion to make so

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often lately respecting the character of Continental intelligence, holds good this week also—it is unimportant. For the present, the rumours of changes in the French Ministry...

April, were published yesterday. The■ exhibit a verb serious

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•••••• as compared with the revenue of 1836-7, is 2 , 3 32,3641.; on Rho i quarter, 492,420/. The decrease s on the four main branches of taxation—on the Customs,...

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Eby Court.

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THE Queen held a Privy Council, at Buckingham Palace, on Wednes- day; when a proclamation was ordered to be issued fixing the 28th of June as the day for her Majesty's...

The Common Council assembled on Wednesday, and negatived a resolution

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in favour of the Vote by Ballot, proposed by Mr. Heppell; the numbers being 31 for and 57 against the motion. On Tuesday, Mr. Timothy Abraham Curtis was chosen Governor, and...

Ely litetrapaiii.

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A meeting of the Anti-Slavery Delegates, briefly noticed in the second edition of last week's Spectator, was held at Brown's Hotel, Palace Yard, on Saturday. It was proposed...

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The t rial of Messrs. Muntz, Pare, Trow, and Pierce,

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for an alleged riot and affi ay in St. Martin's Church, Birmingham, on the 28th of Match 1837, commenced at the Warwick Assizes on Friday last. It was conti. mined over that...

At a meeting of the principal London publishers, held on

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Monday and Tuesday last week, it was agreed to petition Parliament against Mr. Sergeant Talfourd's Copyright Bill. Among the allegations of the petition, is the following— "Many...

At the Marylebone Office, on Monday, Mr. Francis Sanders, Mr.

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Arthur Barclay, both solicitors of Gray's Inn, Mr. Henry Green, a merchant residing at Twickenham, and Mr. Edward Richards, whose description is not given, were charged with an...

bC Catuttrv.

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It is understood that Mr. Long, the defeated candidate in the Liberal interest for West Sorry at the late and previous general elections declines again to offer himself in that...

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In consequence of some alleged rbstraction of money from letters passing through the Glasgow Post-office, an inquiry was instituted, and the result is, that on Wednesday evening...

Major- General Sir Thomas Pearson, formerly of the Twenty-thir& Fusileers,

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has been appointed to the command of the Northern district in Ireland, vice Sir James Macdonnell. It is generally supposed that the gallant General will appoint his son,...

Lieutenant Brooks, the unfortunate gentleman who".was severely crushed when the

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collision took place between the Lucifer steamer and the Westchester, died on Friday evening.—Liverpool Mercury. Upwards of eighty individuals, men, women, and children, have...


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According to the Dublin Tory papers, Mr. O'Connell is to be made Master of the Rolls ; O'Loghlen, Chief Justice, rice Busbe, who re- tires with a Peerage ; and Mr. Maurice...

A Supplement to the Gazette of Tuesday contains a proclamation

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"declaring her Majesty's pleasure touching her royal coronation and the solemnity thereof." The coronation is to take place on Tuesday the 26th of June ; and the Privy Council...

The Anti-Church party, at Northampton sustained last week a double

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defeat : first, in the choice of a Vestry- Clerk, which was car- ried by a majority of 154 against them ; and secondly, in a Church-rate, which had a majority of 133 in its...

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There has been a very prevalent rumour for some days,

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that Lord Abinger has expressed a disposition to resign his office of Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, in favour of his son-in-law, the Attorney- General.—Morning Herald. It...

The Temps says that the Dutchess of' Orleans is not

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so well as she is represented to be by the Moniteur, und that her Royal Highness is so far suffering from pregnancy as to be obliged to remain almost con- stantly on the sofa....


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Another experiment on the manner of lighting the House of Commons was tried on Tuesday evening. The four chandeliers on either side of the House were raised to a level with the...

" Having inserted in Monday's Courier an article from the

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Spectator, in which some remarks were made on Sir H. Parnell's conduct in reference to the ballot, we hasten, in justice to that gentleman, to insert the following para- graph,...

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The quarterly avemge of the weekly liabilities and assets of

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the Bank of England, from the 9th January to the 3d April 1838— LIABILITIES. ASSETS. Circulation £18,987,000 Securities .£2 .1 f38,000 Deposit, 11,262,000 Bullion 10 126,000...

A correspondent has favoured us with some specite ns of

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Mr. MACAULAY'S legislative powers, as exhibited in his new Cu minal Code for India. The following are not exactly in the old style of odification, either as regards mutter or...


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Arrived —Off Ply mouth, April Cat, Alex. Bating, St. C...ix, from China. tar: Liver- pool, Collingwood, Holmes', from Bengal. Sailed-- Flom Liverpool, March 31,a, John B ti...


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There was a full attendance of Members in the House of Commons t ; g m, In consequence of an expectation that Mr. BLACKSTONE 3 , 0 6- t a i d ) hring under the notice of the...


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NF.,Flt F.EFT4.111E, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Stock Marltet, which was feeble its the early part of the week, has during the last two days evinced 1 much firmer appearanee;...

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THERE is Mr. O'CoNNELL's authority for the fact, that eleven Irish Members, who had intended to support Sir GEORGE STRICK- LAND'S motion for the abolition of Negro...


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THE QUEEN'S MEN. THERE was a time when the use of the Sovereign's name to influ- ence votes in Parliament, or to shield a Government measure from attack, would have been...

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"Lon me, love my dog," is an old saying: "insult my dog, insult me," appears to be a lordly motto; and it will become all "Radical scoundrels" to take notice, that for insulting...


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IN the discussion on Election Committee law and practice, Lord j o wl RossELL is reported to have delivered himself as follows, in reference to some late decisions, by which...


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NEW opera by DONIZETTI never disappoints us. We have no anti- cipations of new musical pleasure, no dreams of unkmwn gratification ; and .therefore our expectations are...


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THE office of director of these concerts seems likely to remain a sine- cure throughout the season. If any exertion is intended to be made, we usually perceive it early. When...

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THE seventh and last volume of this work commences trial Mcember 1826, when the Life qf Napoleon was nearly completed ; and closes with the " death and burial," in September...


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Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, 13 tr.. Volume the Seventh. Murray; Ertiarro. LE STATION, A 11111 t o a men d ti l e low relating to Copt right. (Prepared and b on...


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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Years and on each head thereof. Quarters ended 5th April 1837 and 838; showing the Increase or Decrease I...

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THE proposal of Mr. Sergeant TALFOURD to extend the term in copyrights for sixty years from the death of the author' has become a literary question of the day. The learned...

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FINDING himself very much out of sorts in May 1835, from a succession of colds, and their constitutional causes and conse- quences, Mr. ROBY determined on a Continental trip ;...

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SOCIETY OF BRITISH ARTISTS. YAEING a cursory glance at an exhibition, and recording the general impression, without the aid of a catalogue—as was the case in our brief mention...

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THE beautiful pictorial illusions of the Diorama have opened for the season, with a change of one of the views ; the village of Alagn s , in the midst of its snowy waste, having...


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" Two grand Moral Paintings," as the advertisements run, " The Temptation of Adam and Eve," and " The Expulsion from Para- dise," painted by DUBUFE, an artist of the French...