11 MAY 1929, Page 13


From $781,707,000 in 1913-14, educational expenditures in the United States, according to a recent survey in a Report by the Committee on economic changes—of which President Hoover is chairman—rose to approximately $2,744,000,000 in 1925-20. The most striking increase was in public High School education expenditure, which between 1918-14 and 1925-26 multiplied tenfold, while the total enrolment increased by roughly 200 per cent. During the same period the number of college and University students grew rapidly from 325,219 to 822,895. Thus the expenditure on free college and Univer- sity education increased nearly 850 per cent. in little more than a decade. Matthew Amold's comment that America has too many schools and too little education is still repeated in various forms by critical educators, but others find in the increasing self-criticism among educational authorities wet_ come signs of something approaching a new spiritual awaken- ing in American education.