11 MAY 1929, Page 2

The Independent Labour Party The Independent Labour Party, as was

to be expected, is not pleased with Mr. Ramsay MacDonald's programme. The New Leader, the organ of the Independent Labour Party, says that it will not pause in the Election campaign to criticize it. Nevertheless it does criticize it to some purpose. It says that the nationalization of the mines is the only proposal for public ownership—and that even that is dependent upon a Labour majority. Such caution—or as we should say common sense—is not at all the New Leader's conception of Socialism. " Socialism," it says, " may provide a philosophy and an ideal, but it certainly does not provide anything in the nature of any transitional programme. . . Even if the Labour Government had only a minority behind it we would prefer it to produce Socialist measures and stand or fall by them." We must add, to avoid any charge of misrepresentation, that the New Leader urges its members to work enthusiastically for the Labour Party on the ground that with all its defects there is no other Party to work for.

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