11 MAY 1929, Page 20


Everyone who is anxious to preserve the purity and beauty of the English language must regard with dismay the danger of incorporation into the mother speech of such new coinages as " talkies " and " speakies," which are already distressingly familiar in the Press. These are further specimens of the

movie " class of words, which have been introduced by the hustlers of the cinema industry overseas, and ought not to be tolerated once they have served- their -purpose as temporary makeshifts. Journals and writers of good taste naturally prefer the expressions, `` talking ,films,"" speaking pictures," &c. ; but, so far, no one has invented a really appropriate and pleasing word that shall take' the place of these- phrases. May I take this opportunity of suggesting what appears to me to be a suitable name for a vocal motion picture—namely, " cinelogue."—P. EUGANE, GIUSEPPI, M.B., C.M., J.P., 28 Fawcett Street, Redciiffe Gardens, , S.W. 10.