11 MAY 1929, Page 21

Praise_ of the beauty, of Nonesuch books has become a


tude. The fact that " the whole " is " under the care of Francis Meynell " is a sufficient guarantee not only of its artistry, but also, if it be an addition, of its efficiency. - The present example (The Latin Portrait, An Anthology made by G. Rostrevor Hamilton, The Nonesuch Press, 18s.) is rather a double anthology than a collection of translations. The editor has imposed on himself the condition, involving him in an incredible amount of research, that he would only include such poems or passages as had independent positions in the literature of the two countries. This is, perhaps, emphasized by the English poem being in each case placed first, and by the two not facing each other on the recto and verso pages, One can imagine editor and publisher discussing this latter point. The convenience of the scholar, curious as to the English rendering of the Latin, yields to the suscepti- bilities of the bibliophile who likes to proceed from the foot of page two to the top of page three. Mr. Hamilton has been extraordinarily successful in his selections, in his biographical appreciations of the poets of both countries and in the real beauty of what might easily have been a commonplace and pedestrian introduction. Lastly, to Mr. Gooden must be accorded his meed of praise for the decorations.

* * * *