11 MAY 1929, Page 3

International Co-operation It is good to see British delegates playing

a prominent part in the discussions of the Consultative Economic Committee at Geneva. The present session provides the opportunity for a very necessary examination of conscience on the question of the reduction of tariff barriers. We refer our readers to a penetrating analysis of Europe's position on our League of Nations' page. The writer is, of course, closely in touch with all signi- ficant currents of opinion, and we note that M. Loucheur, on Tuesday, spoke in the same strain, with special refer- ence to the coal problem, which we discuss in our first leading article. No better example of the success of international co-operation could be given than the gather- !ng being held in London this week of the Congress of Kilitary Medicine. We congratulate Sir Laming Worthington-Evans on the wise words of his speech of welcome.