11 MAY 1929, Page 3

The London Traffic Bills It is satisfactory that the House

of Commons has passed the private Bills for co-ordinating the traffic of London. :These Bills were the only practicable alter- native to the much desired Government Bill for which there was no time, and which would have been based upon the Report of the Traffic Advisory Committee. The co-ordination provided by the private Bills is designedly capable of expansion into the larger ideal. The LOndon County Council, the London Electric Rail- ways, and the London General Omnibus Company are, in our opinion, behaving with a full and proper considera- tion for the public interest. It would have been disastrous to reject their Bills on the ground that they go only half way. The Combine promises not only to preserve all existing cheap fares by tramway and omnibus, but to introduce workmen's fares on routes where omnibuses are the only means of conveyance. It also promises to extend the Tube from Finsbury Park to Southgate, and thus relieve a thoroughly ill-served area.