11 MAY 1929, Page 31

A Library List

REFERENCE BOOKS :-Hote to Enjoy Birds. By M. Woodward. (Hodder and StouOton. 2s. 6d.)-How to Observe in Archaeology. Second edition. (British Museum. 2s. 6d.)-A Dictionary of the North Riding Dialect. By Sir A. E. Pease. (Horne and Son, Whitby. 15s.) Samplers and Stitches. By Mrs. A. Christie. (Batsford. 25s.) MrsCELLssoous :-The Wisdom of G. K. Chesterton. By P. Braybrooke. (Cecil Palmer. 7s. 6d.)-Private Letters Pagan and Christian. Selected by D. Brooke. (Ernest Benn. 1584-Second Essays on Advertising. By J. M. Allison. (Ernest Benn. 8s. 6d.)-Landuu:rks. By Lady Bell. (Ernest Benn. 10s. 5d4-:---Schools of To-day. By B. King. (Dent. Ss. 6d.)--Empire Commonwealth. By W. P. Hall. (Jonathan Cape. 15s.) -Stratford upon Avon. By J. Pike. (A. and C. Black. 3s. 6c14--The Book of the Tulip. By Sir A. Daniel Hall. (Hopkinson. 21s.)-The Savage as he Really Is. By J. H. Driberg. Europe Throughout the Ages. By N. H. Baynes.-From Monkey to Man. By L. H. D. Buxton. The Nursery Years. By S. Isaacs. (Routledge. 6d. each.) THEOLOGY :-Eucharistic Origins. By G. H. C. Macgregor. (James Clarke. 664-The Naturalness of Religion. By A. B. Brown and .7. W. Harvey. (James Clarke. 5s.) -Beliefs of To-day. By E. T. Vernon. (James Clarke. 5s.)-The Church and the State. By P. C. Simpson.

(James Clarke. 68.) The Authority of Jesus and its Foundation. By B. L. Woolf. (Allen and l'nwin. 12s. 6d.) HISTORY :-A History of British Socialism. New Edition. By M. Beer. Two volumes. (Bell. 7s. 6d.)--The White Fathers and their Missions. By J. Bouniol. (Sandd. 8s. 6d.)-History of the Popes. By Dr. L. Pastor. (Kegan Paul. 15s.) BIOGRAPHIES :-Five Men of Frankfort. By M. E. Ravage. (Harrap. 10s. 6d.) Attld Acquaintance. By The Marquis of Huntley. (Hutchinson. 24s.) Leaves from My Life. By 0. O'Hagan. Vols. I. and II. (John Lane. 3684-A Woman of India. By G. S. Dutt. (Hogarth Press. 4s. 6d.)-Gilbert and Sullivan. By I. Goldberg. (John Murray. 21s.)-Bryan. By M. It. Werner. (Jonathan Cape. 15s.)-Queen Louise of Prussia. By G. Aretz. (Putnam. 18s.)-Ludwig II. of Bavaria. By G. de Pourtales. (Thornton Butterworth. 10s. 6d.) ADVENTURE AND TRAVEL :-The Land of Gods and Earth. quakes. By D. Haring. (Columbia University Press. I7s. 6d4-Man-Killers and Marauders. By W. S.

Chadwick. (Witherby. 10s. 6d.) Lion. By M. Johnson. (Putnam. 2184-Tales from Some Easterit Jungles. By K. W. S. Mitchell. (Cecil Palmer. 5s.)-I The Road to Oregon. By W. J. Ghent. (Longman. 21s.) Facnobr :-Prima Donna. By Pitts Sanborn. (Brentano's'. 15s.)-Denmark's Best Stories ; Norway's Best Stories ; Sweden's Best Stories. (Allen and Unwin. 7s. Od. each.) -Murder Most Foul. By George A. Birmingham! (Chatto and Windus. 7s. 6d.)