11 MAY 1929, Page 31

General Knowledge Questions

Ova weekly prize of one guinea for the best thirteen Questions submitted is awarded this week to Mr. W. F. Broadbent, 35 Seymour Street, Portman Square, W. 1, for the following : -

Questions on Italian History

1. Who besieged Rome three times in the fifth century A.D.

2. What Englishman was made Pope ? 3. In what year was the Dogeship of Venice founded ?

4. What was the Pazzi Conspiracy ?

5. By whose influence did the " burning of the vanities " tako place in Florence ? 6. Who was the founder of the celebrated Holy League ?

7. At what battle was Francis I. of France taken prisoner ?

8. Who was the leader of the Revolution against the Spanish In Naples in 1647 ? 9. Who was summoned to Rome to abjure his opinion Clint " the sun was the centre of the world and immovable " 10. Who was the last of the Medici family ? 11. By whom and to whom was the Republic of Venire sold in 1797 I` 12. Who founded the Society of Young Italy ?

13. What was the date of the entry of the Italian Army into Rome ?

Answers will be found on page 756.