11 MAY 1929, Page 32

In bygone days, it is said, clergymen who had no

great gift of eloquence used to buy their sermons ready-made. The Columbia Graphophone Company has now performed similar service for Parliamentary candidates who are doubtful of their ability to keep a meeting interested. It has published a series of nine double:sided General Election records, at three shillings apiece, which give six short speeches for each of the three parties. Organizers of meetings must be Careful, of course, to put the appropriate records on the maehine, but they may be assured that the speeches are characteristic and interesting. Mr. Baldwin, Mr. Lloyd George and Mr. Mac- Donald have two apiece, familiar in substance and style. The Home Secretary, Mr. Clynes and Sir Herbert Samuiel are among the other men recorded, while the Duchess of Atha, Mrs. Wintringham, and Miss Bondfield represent the women of the several parties. Mrs. Wintringham's quiet melodious voice makes perhaps the most attractive record in the series, judged acoustically. There should be less need now to put up some nervous local worthy to say a few words while a meeting awaits the great man ; the gramophone will fill the gap.