11 MAY 1929, Page 39


This Corporation experienced a good year in 1928, the realized profits being £194,181 against £145,514 in the previous year. The company has written off Investments £90,470, and after paying the dividend absorbing £59,140, the sum of £64,952 has been carried to the balance sheet as against 165,365 a year ago. The Chairman, Mr. Herbert Guedalla, stated that the Corporation's largest investment was expressed in its interest in the Roumanian oil company called the Societate "Sospiro" which held oil rights over about 50,000 acres situate in the midst of the Roumanian oil fields. Concerning this property, the Chairman spoke with considerable hopeful- ness, and also stated that a distinct improvement had taken place during the year with regard to the Amalgamated Oil Lands of Roumania, Ltd. The company has also important raining interests in Mexico and Venezuela.

* * * *