11 NOVEMBER 1905, Page 17

The first-named of these two papers carries the reader back

to days when the loosening hold of the Cobdenite philosophy upon public opinion first began to be apparent, and when Mr.

Goschen—who was as regarded foreign and Colonial policy by no means of Cobden's school, being rather suspected by them of "Jingo" leanings—yet stood forth as the repre- sentative of the older economic faith against the heresies of the new Radicalism. The early years of the " eighties " were signalised not only by a revival of the cry for reciprocity, but by a Socialistic propaganda among the younger Liberals, associated with the name of Arnold Toynbee, fed by publica-

tions like Progress and Poverty, and adopted by some leading politicians. During the twenty-two years which have

passed since Lord Goschen delivered this address Socialistic tendencies have perhaps, as he observes, not made so much progress as might at one time have been expected. Certainly they have been leas discussed. It has on the whole been a period of great material prosperity, and the public mind has been diverted by matters of external and Imperial policy.

But in practice great strides have been made. The State has made serious concessions of principle in Ireland and else- where. The extension of local government has proved fertile in Socialist experiment accompanied by a vast acces- sion of local indebtedness, a development which Lord Goschen confesses he did not foresee. There is no very obvious limit to the action which Governments seem prepared to take, under pressure, in this direction. Signs are not wanting that

• Essays and Addresses on Economic Questions, 1886-1893; with Introductory Motes,1906. Viscount Goachen. London : Edward Arnold. [15s. net.] the attack on the laissez faire or individualistic basis of society will be renewed in the near future in the field of taxation. Resistance to taxation for the furtherance of "Collectivist" effort will in that case come from classes divested of all moral right to protest by their hasty abandon-