11 NOVEMBER 1905, Page 23

Garrod (E. K.), The Unit of Strife, cr 8vo (Longman)

net 8/6 Gibbon (P.), The Vrouw Grobelaax's Leading Cases, cr 8vo W. Blackwood) 6/0 Gould S. B.), A. Book of the Riviera, cr 8vo - (Methuen) 6/0

Gray (B. K , History of English Philanthropy, 8vo (P. S. Kin Green (0.), What to Have for Breakfast, l2mo (Putnam) net 7/6 net- 5/5


Hammerton (J. A.), Humorists of the Pencil, 410 (Hurst & Disc ett) 5/0

Henderson (M. S.), Constable, cr 8vo (Duckworth) net 7/6 Heroic Romances of Ireland, Vol. L, 4to (Nutt) net 5/0

Hill ((S. C.), Bengal in 1756-1757, 8 vols. 8vo .... ... -. .. ... ... (J. Murray) net 38/0 Hindhp (Lord), British East Africa, Past, Present, and Future (Unwui) net 363 Hinkson (H. A.), The Splendid Knight, or 8vo .....................(F. V. White) 3/6 Hunt (T. S.), In Bohemia with Studies for Poems, cr 8vo (Gay & Bird) net 3/6 In Heaviness and in Joy: Daily Meditations, 18mo ...... ...... (Mowbray) net 4/0

Jeans (G. E.), Memorials of Old Hampshire, 8vo (Bemrose net 15/0 Jordan (L. IL), Comparative Religion, 8vo (T. & T. Clark) net 12/0 l

Knipe (H. B.), Nebula to Man, 4to (Dent) net 21/0 Land of Unreason (The), by Dean Gulliver, cr 8vo .. - . . ...... -... ..(Simpkin) 3/6 Little (Mrs. A.), Bound About My Peking Garden, 8vo .........(Unwin) net 15/0 Long (J. L.), lfli Cherry Blossom, or 8vo .. — ... ..........-. (Lippincott) net 7/6 Lushington (Mrs. M.), The School for Donkeys, and other Stories, cr 8vo

(Dent) net 2/6

Lyall (D.), The Heritage of the Free, cr 8vo (Hodder A Stoughton) 6//pp Mach (E. von), Handbook of Greek and Boman Sculpture (Gay A Bird) net 7/8 Maclaren (A.). Gospel according to S. Matthew, Chapters ix.-xvii., 8vo

(Hodder A Stoughton) 7/6 Mathieson (W. L.), Scotland and the Union,1695-1717, 8vo (MacLehose) net 10/6 Merejkowski (D.), Peter and Alexis : a Novel, cr 8vo (Constable) 6/0

Metcalfe (W. N.), Legends of SS. Ninian and Machor (A. Gardner) net 10/6 Moyer (H. B.), Government Regulations of Railway Rates (Macmillan) net 6/6 Mmchin (H. (I.), Simples from Sir Thomas Brown's Garden (Simpkin) net Sift Moore C. H.), Character of Renaissance Architecture, 8vo (Macmillan) net 12/6

Moore (G.), The Lake: a Novel, cr 8vo (Heinemann) 6/0 Morgan (IC), Seeds from the Garden of the World, 12ino onlis) net2,63

Nash (J.), Mansions of England in the Olden Time, 4to ... Studio) net Vs

Negri (G.), Julian the Apostate, 8vo nwin) net 21/0

Osler (W.), Counsels and Ideals, er 8vo (Oxford Univ.. Press) net 4/0

Phillips (L.), Transvaal Problems, 8vo (J. Murray net 12/0

Phillpotts ( .), Up-along and Down-along, 4to . . . _____ ....(Methuen) net 5/0 Pryings among Private Papers chiefly of the 17th and ...h Centuries,

by Author of "A Life of Sir Kenelm Digby," 8vo (Longman ) net 7/6

Rea (rti.1„ Peter Pail Ruben, or 8vo Reed . A.), Christian Prayer, or 8vo (W. Blackwood) net No

(Bell) net 5/61

Robe (C. G. D.), Red Fox, 8vo (Duckworth) net . 610 Robertson (W. B.), Foundations of Political Economy, cr 8vo ... (W. Scott 5/0 Savage (M. J.), America to England, and other Poems, or 8vo ....Putnam 5/0 Selene (E.), The Bird Watcher in the Shetlands, tiro .... ..... (Dent) ne 10/6 Showman (The), by Author of "The Views of Christopher," or Svo

(Hurst A Macke.) 6/0 Shuckburgh (E. S.), Greece from the Coming of the Hellenes to A.D. 14, or 8vo - (Unwin) 5/0 Sidney (P.), The Headsman of Whitehall, or 8vo ......... (G. A. Morton) net 2/6

Simpson (A. N.), Bobbie Guthrie, or Soo .................(A. Gardner) not 2/6

Starlight Stories, by " Hob," cr 8vo Stuart (E.), Mona a Manx Idyll, cr 8vo Sutbers (R. B.), Mind Your Own Business, cr 8vo (Longmans) net 12/6 Slater (F. C.), Footpaths Through the Veld, Cr 8vo ...(W. Blackwood) net 5/0 Smedley (A. C.) and Talbot (L. A.), The Wizards of Ryetown, cr 8vo (Hurst & Blackett 5/0 (De La More Press 3/6