12 AUGUST 1905, Page 15

[TO THE EDITOR OF THE "SpEcTAToo.."( SIR,—Throughout the article in

last Saturday's issue it is contended that a Dissolution will take place at the end of October. I might particularly quote the following words :— "We shall be by no means surprised if, after all, the Dissolution takes place at the end of October or the be- ginning of November." Surely, though, the writer has over- looked the municipal elections. The date of these elections is November 1st. Usually the preceding fortnight is occupied with contests conducted with more or less vigour. The steady rise of local rates is scarcely likely to diminish interest in these elections. The fortnight following November 1st is necessarily occupied with the election of Mayor, the appoint- ment of Committees, and the general restarting of the munici- pal machinery. For these reasons I myself do not anticipate that the General Election is likely to take place between October 16th and November 11th. With some degree of timidity I express this opinion, because the Prime Minister has hitherto set at naught almost every reasonable expectation.