12 AUGUST 1905, Page 2

• Bengal now contains eighty millions of people, and successive

Lieutenant-Governors have protested that the administrative work made necessary by so awful a multitude cannot be properly performed by a single head of the Executive, who during his five years' term of office cannot even visit all the districts under his control. The Government of India has therefore resolved to create a new Lieutenant- Governorship, to be called that of "Eastern Bengal," with a Legislative Council, holding jurisdiction over thirty-eight millions of people, including the Assamese. Dacca is to be made its capital. The expense will not be great, while the speed and efficiency of all administrative work will, it is argued, be indefinitely increased. The political natives of the old Presidency are, however, greatly displeased. They dread further taxation, and a reduction in the importance of Calcutta, while they are annoyed by a change which they think will lower their own importance and that of a" country" of whose area and wealth they are very proud. A discussion in the House of Commons was therefore threatened on Wednesday; but, through the intervention of. Sir H. Fowler, it was resolved to await the appearance of a Blue-book on the subject, and to postpone a debate which might have led to a party division. We cannot see any solid reason against a change, which will undoubtedly improve administration. .