12 AUGUST 1905, Page 2

King Oscar of Sweden has again transferred the reins of

government to his eldest son, the Crown Prince, ostensibly because of his failing health, but in reality, it is supposed, because he has been too deeply wounded by the secession of Norway to administer affairs with the patience and calm which have hitherto distinguished his reign. It is reported that the Crown Prince, after the Norwegian Referendum has been taken, will ask his Parliament to permit the accession of one of his brothers to the Norwegian throne. The Norwegians have already announced their wish for that solution of their difficulties, and it certainly appears to out- siders to involve the least possible disturbance. The election which, failing the Bernadottes, is the most probable, that of Prince Charles of Denmark, would revive the rumours of a Scandinavian League; while the proclamation of a Republic would alarm not only the Baltic Courts, but the Court of Vienna. Hungary is watching events in Norway with eager attention, and might, if a Norwegian Republic showed herself orderly and prosperous, be inclined to accept that solution of her present dispute with the Hapsburg dynasty.