12 AUGUST 1905, Page 21

Our Colonial Cousins. By W. Vere Mingard. (T. C. and

E. C. Jack. is. 6d.)—This is one of Messrs. Jack's excellent series of 'School Books," occupying a place in the special division

of "Round the World : Geographical Readers." The title, with _ _ which it would be ungracious to quarrel, does not cover the whole contents of the book. First come the Colonies with their sub- divisions, and then various dependencies and possessions, such as India, the Pacific Islands, &c. It would have been well to give a special chapter to the political status of the various parts of the Empire. This is a kind of knowledge which is commonly lacking in the young people for whom these books are intended. The maps deserve a special word of praise. That of New Zealand, for instance, is particularly graphic.