12 AUGUST 1905, Page 21


Surrey Unionist Free Trade Association : a .Selection Reprinted from Speeches Delivered in Surrey. (A. C. Curtis, Guildford. 6d.)—This pamphlet shows the vigour with which the work of enlightening the people as to the true facts of the present economic controversy is being pursued in at least one English county by a body of Unionist Free-traders. Busy and distin- guished men living in Surrey and out of it have found time to go down and deliver speeches to village and town audiences. The book contains the Appeal addressed by the Association to the Free-trade UniOniats of Chertsey during the election last year, which is an uncompromising statement of Free-tiade as 'a fighting creed in current politics. Among the other contents we .wpuld call attention to two excellent addresses by Mr. W. It. Malcolm, which in their simplicity and cogency are eminently fitted to effect the purpose they were designed for, and to the speeches of Sir John Dickson-Poynder, Sir Frederick Pollock, and Mr. Arthur Elliot. We wish we could think that the work of Political educa- tion was as zealously undertaken by Unionist Free-traders in all counties.

History of Florence. By Professor Villari. Translated by Linda Villari. (T. Fisher Unwin. 2s. 6d.)—This book, based upon lectures and studies made at long intervals, relates the 'history of Florence from the earliest time to the death of the Emperor Henry VII. in 1314. It is impossible, in the limited space at our command, to give any detailed account of this learned work, but we may note the excellence of the English 'version, which has none of the stiffness so often found in translations.