12 AUGUST 1905, Page 22


Bruhl (L. Levy-), Ethics and Moral Science, 8vo (Constable) net 6/0 Cockburn (Sister), A Practical Guide to Cookery in West Africa and the . Tropics, or 8vo (Scientific Press) net 3/0 Hall (Gwynne), On Divorce, 4to (Butterworth) net 35/0 Hedges (X.), Modern Lightning Conductors, 8vo (Lockwood) net 6/6 Hutton (Edward), The Cities of Umbria, or 8vo (Methuen) 6/0 Klein (R.). Quick Calculator, oblong 12mo (Routledge) net 2/6 Lake (C. S.), The World's Locomotives, 4t0 (P. Marshall) net 10/6 Long (L.), Brought into Subjection, and other Stories, cr 8vo (Daniel) net 3/6 M— Charles), A Solicitor's Love Story, Cr 8vo (Drane) 6/0 Maxwe (W. B.), Vmen, Cr 8vo (Methuen 6/0 Mother Light (The) : a Novel, 8vo (Hutchinson 6/0 215nsterberg (Hugo), The Eternal Life Constable 2/6 Philippi (Adolf), Florence (Famous Art Cities), imp 8vo (Gravel) net 4,0 Smythe (W. D.), An Historical Account of the Worshipful Company of

.Girdlers. London, 8vo (Whittingham) net 7/6 Watkins (W. E.), School Gardening, or 8vo (Philip) 216