12 DECEMBER 1931, Page 16

How very close to this ideal of the Friends" was

Ruskin's Guild of St. George, which still flourishes. It has acquired and is prepared to accept as gifts in trust agricultural land and cottages for the use of the working classes. Its little property at Bewdley is a model, and should be a real nucleus. It would, I think, do more to promote the ideals of Fors Clatrigera, or Unto This Last "one of two seminal books that have coloured the economic thought of Europe," if it concentrated on the allotment for the urban or semi- urban worker, rather than the small holding. Leplay House in Belgrave Road should be working hand in hand with the Friends House in the Euston Road, to the end that as many unemployed as may be, however urban, shall have the chance to be gardeners.