12 DECEMBER 1931, Page 18

[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] Sin,—The arguments of Messrs.

Woolley, V.C., and Clayton ignore the real issue, the actual personal authority of Christ to the individual believer. I personally cannot believe that He who went unresisting to the Cross to show us that Love is God's Way, and that evil can only be overcome by Love, would ever haye taken part in the hell which is modern warfare.

Mr. H. IV. H. Green confuses the use of physical force and the methods of modern war. The former may sometimes be justified on Christian grounds, the latter never. The

question, " What would you do if you saw a ruffian attacking your mother?" was ably answered by a conscientious objector during the War, " I don't know, but I would not go to France to shoot his uncle." Brig.:Gen. Crozier's- letter interested me. I was myself a probationer in Toe H and withdrew because of what I felt to be the absurd idealization of the late War, and the complete absence of any constructive attitude to this tremendous problem. When Mr. Clayton was asked at an Oxford meeting what he supposed the men in his movement would do in the event. of another war, he replied that he was glad to think that they would do. precisely as their. elder: brethren in 1914 1—I am, Sir, Ste.,