12 JANUARY 1940, Page 18

SIR,—The University Labour Federation resolution declares that the Allies must

share equal war guilt with Hitler because they rejected the so-called " Peace Front " suggestion, which emanated from Moscow. W. G. Krivitsky, in his book 1 Was Stalin's Agent, makes it perfectly clear that Stalin was not sincere about the " Peace Front." While the Bolshevik propa- ganda machine was (for purposes quite other than they seemed) busy pushing the " Peace Front against aggression " (i.e., against Hitler), Stalin was doing all that he possibly could to come to an agreement with Hitler, in furtherance of a policy he had followed for several years.

Krivitsky also makes it clear that the Communist parties, which the Kremlin supports in most countries, are but a small part of the organisations (many of them with quite innocent names) which in this country and in others work on behalf of Moscow.

What other object than to please Stalin could the resolution of the University Labour Federation have had? Krivitsky (and he was in the know) declares that Stalin has a great admiration for Hitler. So how could these who voted for the resolution please Stalin better than do as " Janus " suggests, viz., take over the Hitler vacancies in the Paris lunatic asylums?

—Yours, &c., H. G. LYALL. The Hazells, Mount Pleasant Lane, Bricket Wood, via Watford, Herts.