12 JANUARY 1940, Page 6

Australia parts with her best men rather lightly, but perhaps

she does wisely in sending her best to represent her abroad. We are fortunate in having an ex-Prime Minister like Mr. S. M. Bruce in London, and now Mr. R. G. Casey, who has held the high office of Federal Treasurer, goes to Washington as Minister to the United States. With his advent the Commonwealth will have a very strong, and it is safe to say a very united, representation in the American capital, for Mr. Casey (who spent several years in London as liaison officer between his own Government and the Foreign Office) is essentially of the same school as Lord Lothian and the Canadian Minister, Mr. Loring Christie. They may be described briefly as the Round Table type, and a very admirable type it is. All three are calculated to commend themselves particularly well to Americans.

* * * *