13 APRIL 1867, Page 2

Another little intrigue was got up yesterday. On the motion

for adjournment, Mr. Osborne called the attention of the House to some paper which, as we understand it, professed to contain a pledge given by Colonel Taylor, the Conservative whip, to Mr. Dillwyn, that Mr. Disraeli and Lord Derby would agree to Mr. Hibbert's proposal to rate the compound householder no higher than the rate paid by his landlord. Colonel Taylor was not in the House, being kept out of it by an accident, but Mr. 0. Stanley deposed to having seen such a document as was described. Mr. Disraeli ridiculed the whole statement as a mare's nest, and Lord Stanley stated strongly that the Government were quite un- pledged ; but had not the explanation been asked, Mr. Dillwyn, Mr. Hibbert, and Co. would probably have been the victims of this strange hoax.