13 APRIL 1867, Page 2

Mr. Disraeli strengthened his hands on Saturday and Monday, by

receiving Conservative deputations from working men, which he received with open arms, and an empressement not without traces of secret surprise. The deputation of Saturday consisted of 100 persons, and was introduced by the Hon. A. Egerton, M.P. for South Lancashire. After the usual things had been said, Mr. Disraeli pronounced a general panegyric on the policy of the Government, and a special panegyric on Lord Derby's physical constitution for its great elasticity under attacks of gout, and assured the deputation that under no circumstances would the Government "swerve from the cardinal principles of the Bill." "I look upon aorsonal payment of rates and an adequate resi- dence as a cheek without which the franchise ought not to be extended." He intimated to the deputation rather significantly the possibility of an occasion arising for an appeal to the people.