13 APRIL 1867, Page 2

The Luxemburg affair remains as dangerous as ever. The French

Government represses interpellations about it, but on April 8 M. de Moustier informed the Corps Legislatif, by the Emperor's order, that the proposal came from Holland, that "the Berlin Cabinet invoked the Treaties of 1839," that the Emperor's Government "were disposed to examine in concert with the other Cabinets of Europa the clauses of that Treaty," but were firmly convinced that the peace of Europe cannot be troubled by this incident. The Bourse was not so convinced, but on this assurance fell. We have examined the different reports elsewhere, but may mention here that Napoleon appears to have shifted his ground. He does not now ask for Luxemburg, but suggests that Prussia must evacuate a fortress which is not hers, and is a menace to France. Otherwise France will have to remember what is due to her susceptibilities.