13 APRIL 1867, Page 2

The resignation of Baron Ricasoli has not yet been explained,

but his successor, Rattazzi, has promised an explanation. The latter endeavoured, at first, to form a junction with the Left, and it was stated that Crispi at one time accepted the portfolio of Grace and Justice. This combination broke down, and the Ministry now represents chiefly the Moderates and the Piedmontese. It is hard to avoid a suspicion that Napoleon has brought his influence to bear against Ricasoli, who was decidedly pro-Prussian, but Rat- Wit, though accustomed to think of France as though still Minister for Savoy, is sound upon two questions. He will, if he can, redeem the finances, and he will secularize the Church com- pletely, taking its whole property, and making the clergy stipen- diaries of the State. We cannot make old, even yet, why Ricasoli, who offered him a seat in the Cabinet, would not offer him the Ministry of the Interior, which the Baron himself dislikes, and in which Rattazzi could only do good.