13 APRIL 1867, Page 20

A Greek Primer for the Use of Schools. By the

Rev. Charles H. Hole, M.A. (Rivingtons.) —We incline to accept the heresy that if young boys are to be taught Greek, it will be an advantage to them to under- stand the grammar. So long as they learn it by heart in another lan- guage which they also do not understand, there can be little chance of their attaining this proficiency. And the result is, that if they learn_ Greek at all as many of them do not, they learn it twice over. They first learn a book by heart, and make shots at the language. Then they forget the book, and the language is explained to them. Mr. Hole begins by explaining the Greek grammar, and as he does it simply and thoroughly, we think his efforts will be successful. We observe, by the way, that he leaves out the dual in his Greek verbs. Is this a delicate compliment to the present Ministry ?