13 APRIL 1867, Page 21

Ritualism in the English Church. By Robert Vaughan, D.D. (Jack-

son, Walford, and Hodder.)—Dr. Robert Vaughan has nothing very new to say on this subject, and what he does say is dry, and not particularly inviting. His first chapter is a discussion of the bearing of Leviticus on the Ritualist movement, and his argument seems to be that because there is no such book as Leviticus in the New Testament, none of the rites and ceremonies enjoined on the Jews are to have a place in the Gospel dispensation. This is not very clear or very forcible, and we do not think it will either convert or silence the Ritualists. When Dr. Robert Vaughan comes to the legal point he is certainly more happy, but then on that point he has been forestalled by a hundred other writers.