13 JUNE 1840, Page 1

Accounts from China to the lath of March have been

received by the overland mail from Bombay. They are of the same tenour as those brought by a vessel from Canton last week ; and represent the Chinese as actively employed in preparing for hostilities with England. A number of fire-boats had been sent by the Chinese Admiral among the British inerchantinam ; but so unskilfully ma- nceuvered that no serious damage was done. Time Gramma Military Council have. published a most ridiculous-seeming manifesto or report to the Emperor, by one of their mighty men of war, recom- mending measures to entice time Barbarians into China waters and then to massacre them " unawares." This brilliant service is to be perihrmed by direrx, who are to board the British ships at night, and (a fair set-off to our letters of' marque and reprisal,) are to be rewarded with what they catch in this way.