13 JUNE 1840, Page 10

The papers of this morning supply some additional bits of

gossip re-

spectieg Cxfia'd at.,1 Lis ills mother arrived in town 00 Thursday night from Bielningleara where she had been visiting her friends. She says that her husband, 'alto has been dead twelve years, several times exhibited symptoms insanity, and that she has herself' " laboured under 11QVV,,ke; delusims " 'ler son brought the pistols homes few weeks ago, and ft i,:htened lt,:r by holding one to her head. lie Olice cut up the sle,ets :eat blankets of his bed into shreds, and at another time rode into the parlour on horse:heck. commititieation received front lairminghael this morning informs us, that Oxferd's father, the Mulatto, used to ca •:t very high wages as a gold-chaser ; that he was extravagant, way wet,' a and dissipated, and was called " the Ian ney leen" in Birmingham : at last by his irregu- larities he was redaced to great distress, and the lowest shifts for a livelihood. He once stabbed his wife, and absconded till she recovered. Our informant thinks that Edward must be older then he is represented by the reporters for the London Papers.]

Mrs. Oxford yesterday obtaiee I leave to see her son in Nova:Re. She says she is quite certain that the pistols were fired in sport, and not loaded with ball. The bullet found by the boys is too large for the pistols, and no others have been found. In prison, Oxford occasionally displays great levity, but the Governor has foul:a law more than once in tears. 1 le grieves for his poor mother, not far himself. The mother declares that he was always affectionate and inoffensive, but singular, and given to theatrical amusements, His sword is a two-edged scimitar, and bought at a sale of old Government-stores. A new mould for casting bullets has been found in his room. The witnesses who gave evidence at the Home Office have been ordered to observe strict secrecy. Some persons, it is said, claim to have seized hint, who were not near the spot when he was first laid hold of. A. great many letters hare been received by Police Inspectors, and at the Home Office.