13 JUNE 1840, Page 11

The English Opera-house, or Lyceum, was opened on Tuesday, with

an address spoken with fervent nalmation by W. 1..tev, in which the company who have ventured on the speculation were likened to the "bundle of sticks," public encouragement being the bond of union: we have seen worse " sticks " made strong by such a ligature. The entertainments were varied, and all new, except the tits-omit e Olympic htirletta, A :Mich in the Mtrli ; :lies, 0 iti;):!: pieyea the cannic !aeoteli housekeeper with her ;teem: fined cleverness, and Mrs. BaorcitAM took the part played by Madame V1srtna. The Three Secrets, an ingeniously-constructed serio-comic piece from the French, was very successful : the liming of Mrs. W. 1..sev and Mr. Ferz.i.tmirs was effective of the melodramatic hind: :end Git...attv, as a foolish manufeeturer of librettos, lee; very amusing. Theetesse Themar, It sort of sequel to our old friend. Tuna was the next pieta.; and had it been produced at the Mt:laid when yet boasting that com:tellstion of humorists, If seeee, eel NeON, hi 1 'C 1:STON E, and O. Samoa its success would have been inneeese : as it is, Mrs. Onnun's true burlesque act- ing-die humour consisting in earnestness of mauler mid a seemin- unconsciousness of the rieliculons—was not sum:weed by the male performers, seme of whom attempted to supply the want of drollery by grimace. A melodrama Ii the domestic hi:id, called !idea Onklui911, prolonged the performance to a late hour, and wearied into disapproba- tion such of the audience as sat it out : we were not of the number, having a presentiment of the nature of the infliction from certain indi- cations in the first scene. It' this company can only make people laugh, tle.y will succeed; not otherwise.