13 JUNE 1840, Page 11

The I., 2,certc d'Ete at Drury Lane filled the theatre

in every part on Mon.:.!.! notwithstamiing the counter-attraction el. Dan"rox's farewell ; the frequenters or these entertainments not ',big whinny of the chss or re:4 ular id..ygoers. The orchestra is o' cued in the centre o.' the immense area of die pit and stage, the la!!er being ele- gantly titled up as a saloon, :aid decorated with iniero-;:, ilaweriug plants, awl 1'0nm:tins: there are 00 seats on the floor, the whole space: being ()pea for promenading; but it was so crowded on the first night, that there was no moving. The selection of music includes symphonies, overtures, and choruses, as well as waltzes and quadrille::: the vocal chorus, however, is not strong enough to contend with so powerful an orchestra. The success or Mr. EmAsox's scheme is likely to equal his expectations; and the influence of these performances on the public taste will be as beneficial as the low prices will he unfavour:Ode to theatrical speculations.