13 JUNE 1840, Page 4

A Court of Common Council was lucid on Thursday. The

members were assembled for the despatch of important business ; but, as the Morning Chronicle informs us, " by the unanimous voice of the mem- bers, every thing was postponed. in their great anxiety to pour out their feelings of horror and indignation at the diabolical attempt made upon the lives of her Majesty and Prince Albert." Mr. B. L. Jones moved the following resolution ; which appeared to suit the taste of the Com- mon Council to a nicety-

" That this Court view with feelings of the deepest indignation and abhor- rence, the atrocious attack made upon our beloved and most gracious Sovereign Queen Victoria and her illustrious consort Prince Albert, yesterday, the 10th instant : and while this Court must rejoice that the murderous intention of the traitor was providentially frustrated, they cannot forbear to express their unfeigned horror that any subject of the realm should have been capable of such it base and wicked act, and their lwartfelt joy that her Maje.,ty and his Royal Highness were providentially preserved from the tidal consequences which might have resulted therefrom."

A " dutiful, humble, loyal, and affectionate address " to the Queen, and addresses to Prince Albert and the Dutchess of Kent, congratulating them on the Queen's escape, were adopted unanimously.

Meetings are about to be held in several of the Metropolitan parishes to vote addresses to the Queen.