13 JUNE 1840, Page 5

A. dreadful calamity, by tire, Gemmed sit S.0 artlay night

in the fa-

mily of Mr. Price, a imohbiader, 1 v v C w gate Street.

Mr. Price let the front part or l re:ni--ca to Mr. Parker, a bookseller,

and carried on his 0 \VII Ill the hack. Ile also let the front I art of the second floor to a wa:';,mwr Lamed Sloth:hi, who had a wife mut one infant clii!sl ; oceepyiog the remainder of tles house himself. About one o'clock it m's that Pris'e's pri'mi.ses were on lire; and a crowd soon in the sl reei. l:moldsc and Baines issued

front all parts of the isi:I('Ssg. '1'11: tirst p;eson oliserved was a boy

creeping along the pavap - It was afterward, round that this boy creeping along the pavap - It was afterward, round that this boy was Price's apprentice ; , crawling along the roof of several 110,1,, c lilt IA' P;;Ind an I.., is w1colow., which was opened to let him in. s'in bis ice, II,. Liter with an infant in her arms, wove seen m night-clothe, almost enveloped io snsulss A Pers c lucid below by several persons, the dither and caught in the coat NVit11011: 'he W.I.-00W of the first floor, and fallkis v; the Ills wire followed his ex.:milk., mind ec poi injury. .111 till 1:'1... nothing was seen of Price and his fssuil■ . See the roc wits „ orly got sunder, it was found that Price had eses es 1, but lie v. as unalde Iiitin.elf to tell bow. lie said that he went to h. ml clevim on :-:aturday night ; that he

and his wife, with the ts wesessz vie dyer. slept in the bsock attic,

and his apprentice, with tw tees children. in time back-room second floor : they were all in bed oad asleep wi‘en Manned by ii at cry of fire: he recollected going to tic' top of the house and calling his wife and children after him, and desiriog IS wife to hand up one of the children throm2 11 a tray,bsm: after that, he LQC:Illte stupilled, as lie thought, and could recollect nathing more. As soon as the heat would permit, an examination of the prentiFes was made ; and the dead bodies of Mrs. Price and four of her children, whose ages varied frau four to thirteen, were found among the half-burnt rafters of the building. Mrs. Price was found with one child out her breast ; the others were lying close to each oilier. Their corpses presented a shocking appearance--disfigured unrecognizable except by the size. The circumstances we have mentioned were stated in detail last night before a Coroner's Jury ; who round a verdict of " Accidentally burnt to death." It ap- peared that the tire-escapes had been applied for, but were not used, be-

cause it was said that all the persons in the house had escaped already : the keeper said they were so cumbersome that it would take a quarter of an hour to fit them for use.

An accident happened at the Croydon station of the Croydon Rail. way on Saturday, which should warn passengers to be cautious in tak- ing their seats. A respectable tradesman, named Winter, tried to jump into one of the carriages just as the train was setting off ; but slipped, and fell between the pier and the carriage. Two or three of the car- riages passed over his body, and mangled it frightfully. lie died very soon. The money-taker, Palmer, told the unfortunate man to be careful; but he was "hurried and excited." A Coroner's Jury, on Tuesday, found a verdict of " Accidental death."

Three young men were drowned on Monday evening, by the upsetting of a boat they were rowing near Battersea. They were all in liquor.

On Tuesday, the Reverend Cecil Morley was seized with the cramp, whilst bathing along with some friends, in the Thames off Wandsworth meadows ; and was drowned berore assistance could be rendered. Mr. Morley was only thirty years of age : he was on a visit to his uncle, Mr. Campbell Morley.