13 JUNE 1840, Page 6


Mr. O'Connell arrived in Da'slin, from London, on Saturday ; and on Monday net the ins tut er.sNationalssm:iation for Justice or Repeal, at the t 'ore Ex Aangt.. I le read a leer from the Count de Salts, requesting to be ,:!r,dled t, menther of the .401. icty. 'Ile Count gave a history of his po■itical life from which it nepiars, that in his youth he hall been persu.eled to joi:, the Ora'/;.e tc uisty, by friends who assure::: him that it vas cask:me:He, and that he could never belie to be considered respect tale,:, he tea-sine a member. The Count delights in metaphor and Mee:cry ; in allusion to Lord Stanley's Bill, and the bad treatment of Irelattd by the E.!3!i. it Parliament, he writes- " Why such an atrocious bill should lie suppoctisi 161% ,t) mud, pertinacity— why any measure tending in the remotest degree to plate this important part of the empire on an equality with E,:glana is so stubl.ertily opposed—why every species of kissislation caleeldea to aeglierate the neutiuuuu of Ireland is treated with inditierenec, —may be easily conjectured by any person pos,essing the mos, evaieary qua'ities. It is, Sir, simply the one— the only motive that actuates all eh ker directly or in.:irectly ; you know it, Sir; every body kitten it. It is for the purpose of supporting Old Mother Bang in Ireland—tbs. Church, that lie!r•loom for the young branches of the aristocracy, who are thrust upon a 1,..);.1, of quite a ditkrent religion who do not want them, hut, like the apothecary selling the tinaliciue, if it did not serve the patient the price of the medicine served him, if the Keaching does not serve the people the tithe ,cries the r In the name of Cod, are we to have this fine country for ever a prey to such vampires is every sort of good legislation to set at open defiance? Is the body politic to languish still longer under such au incubus ? Is the state machinery to be always retarded by an ecelesia t ical drag;-chitin? And all for what ?—to support this gorgeous nuisance. No; it shall not be so! It !nest not he so ! Heaven forbid."

The Count was of course elected. a Repealer, by acclamation.

Mr. O'Connell then spoke at length on the wrongs of Ireland; and made a passing allusion to the Exeter I Tall meeting-- Ireland was insulted by the treatmeat which he, as one alter liepresenta- fives, received. Ile went there, by solicit:aim, to represent his co wit ry, which had ever been favourable to Negro emancipation, and also througl. curiosity to ace Jabez Bunting. Being anxious to see wha; kind of a pers,m had such a name, Ise saw just such a hardy ;;artly es the society might imagine.