13 JUNE 1840, Page 7

A letter from Copenhagen of the ehth tilt., in the

1;cipsie Gazette, in- forms us that the King had been much insulted by the poi...dace of that city on clap first day 01' the Rtes is h000me of the anniversary of his mar- riage. Ills :M:ljes:y was presort at a launch, at which Liii,inud persons, many of them of the middle clause:, had assembled, and 1,■• whom he

was received N. its great coldness. After the ceremony, the populace gave a 1:111(1 er ovation to an advocate named Christensen, who is under prosecution for cc state libel. On the second day, the Eing appeared in public with his Stoll. and was much hooted. On the cycoing of the third day, he went to the theatre through a triple line of troops, and with gnarls earner:ding his persom After the perihrmance of a piece in honour el the merriage, the spe,oetee: polled the lights front their

pedestals. insulted the to nth and rushietr into the streets, gave loud cheers in honour of the leading partisans of the liberty of the press, and oral riranis to their oppouents. It is sahl that they also broke the win- dows of one of the ,\ nil ntssaclors.