13 JUNE 1931, Page 1

We may therefore pass to the recommendations on which agreement

will not be universal. These are held to be necessary in regard to the mass of the people insured. As to benefits, they shall only be payable for 26 weeks in a year from application. The premiums must be raised so that the taxpayer, the employer and the insured person shall each pay 9d. a week. The benefits must be reduced : in the case of men from 17s. to 15s. ; of women from 12s. to 10s. ; of lads of 18 to 21 years from 14s. to 12s. ; of girls of that age from 12s. to 10s. ; of boys of 17 to 18 years from 9s. to 7s. ; of girls of that age from 7s. 6d. to 6s. The rates for dependents are similarly to be reduced. The rates for " transitional benefit are to follow those of insurance benefit, and are not to be paid to those who refuse suit- able work. These are hard sayings. It is no great comfort to point out that in Germany benefits are more severely reduced, or to point to the proposals that in Australia sacrifices shall be made by everybody to restore the country's credit. • * *