13 JUNE 1931, Page 2

New Continental Governments Changes of Governments have taken place in

Rumania, Poland and Belgium. The first two. countries have illus- trated how in a world made safe for 'democracy the peoples have not yet thrown off the guidance which is suitable for childhood. - In • Rumania, now a fortnight ago, the elections were " made " by Professor Yorga's Government as comfortably as in the past. The election of 1928 was allowed to be free, .and. the National Peasant Party swept the country and brought Dr. Maniu to power. Now that Party is swept away. In Poland Marshal Pilsudski, returning full of energy . from a holiday in Madeira, felt that it was time to improve upon Colonel Slawek as Prime Minister. So Colonel Prystor has taken his place. The Marshal modestly remains as Minister for War, but as the importance of finance is recognized, his brother, M. Jan Pilsudski, becomes Minister of Finance. Belgium, after several tiresome checks in the King's search for a Prime Minister who could confidently form a Cabinet, now has M. Renkin presiding over a joint Catholic and Liberal Government. M. Hy-mans remains as Foreign Minister, and is the most experienced man for the post. M. Jaspar retires, but will not be forgotten while we remember the Reparations Conference at the Hague. His tact and patience as President saved it from collapse and led to its success.