13 JUNE 1931, Page 26

Good wine needs no bush. Major Lefebure's book on Scientific

Disarmament (Mundanus, 5s.) seems to need a miniature forest ; for fifteen eminent ladies and gentlemen from five different countries have been enlisted to express prefatory approval. Its appeal is, nevertheless, to the specialist rather than to the man in the street. It reviews the whole problem of disarmament in its technical aspects, and reaches the sensible conclusion 'that the most vital single measure of disarmament is to control and limit the manufac- ture of those chemical weapons which seem likely to dominate

future warfare, if war is ever again permitted to occur. But the most fundamental problem of all lies beyond its scope. The main difficulty about disarmament has hitherto been, not to devise efficient methods of limitation, but to discover nations willing to accept them and to apply them to themselves. This is where the man in the street in all countries must play his part for the will to disarm depends in the last resort upon him. Let us create the will to disarm ; and the blessings of " scientific disarmament " will soon be added unto us.