13 JUNE 1931, Page 28

A Library List

FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE, 1820-1856. By I. B. O'Malley. (Thornton Butterworth. 21s.)

THE PLACE OF PREJUDICE IN MODERN CIVILIZATION. By Sir Arthur Keith. (Williams and Norgate. 2s. 6d.)

FRIENDS AND ADVENTURES. By " T " of Punch. (Cape. 10s. 6d.)

CAMERA OBSCURA. By William Bolitho. (Heineniann. 7s. 6d.) I WENT TO RUSSIA. By Liam O'Flaherty. (Cape. 7s. 6d.) ScHLIEMANN OF TROY. By Emil Ludwig. (Putnam. 21s.) TROUBLOUS TIMES. By Capt. A. H. Brun. (Constable. 12s.) THE TRAVELS OF AN ALCHEMIST. By Arthur Waley. (Routledge. 10s. 6d.) CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. By E. C. S. Wade and G. Godfrey Phillips. (Longmans. 21s.) THE MAIN INSTITUTIONS OF ROMAN PRIVATE LAW. By W. W. Buckland. (Cambridge University Press. 16s.)

THE SOPHISTICATES. By Gertrude Atherton. (Chapman and Hall. 7s. 6d.) THE CORN KING AND THE SPRING QUEEN. By Naomi Mitchison. (Cape. 10s. 6d.) THE Pnor.bax-Kmn. By Peter Quennell. (Chatto and Windus.

- 7s. 6d.)

BurrEacups AN DAISIES. By Compton Mackenzie. (Cassell. 7s. 6d.)

THE MISSING MONEY-LENDER. By W. S. Sykes. (Lane. 7s. 6d.)

- AND THEN SILENCE. By Milton M. Propper. (Faber and Faber. 7s. 6d.)