13 JUNE 1931, Page 32


A number of early summer cruises to the Mediterranean have already ended, though a fairly wide choice still remains for late holiday makers. The shortest occupy thirteen or fourteen days, and their itinerary covers, as a-rule, the ports of Spain and Portugal, the Balearic Islands and either the Atlantic Isles or the North Coast of Africa.

To go farther into the Mediterranean and visit places like Naples, Venice, Istambul, Palestine and Egypt would need at least three weeks to twenty-five days. Altogether there exists a choiee of over twenty such sea-tours between now and October. Again, on this type of cruise fares vary according to the type of steamer, but even the largest vessels will offer accommodation for a 18-14 day cruise for upwards of 21 guineas. Embarkation ports available are Glasgow, Belfast, Newcastle, Southampton and London.