14 AUGUST 1880, Page 1

to Montenegro the territory suggestel by what is called the

"Corti compromise," or have made over the town and territory of Dulcigno, and this Turkey is at last making every prepara- tion to cede. At the same time, she is hoping against hope that some relaxation in the attitude of the Powers, some hint of serious difference between the most influential of them, will give her the opportunity of some further dilatory movement, and of asking for delay again. Accordingly, all the friends of Turkey are busily engaged in catching at straws which, as they think, in- dicate that this mutual misunderstanding has at last occurred. Of this, however, there is no evidence, outside the minds of the not very wise persons who hold that decomposition is a happier fate for Turkey in Europe than dismemberment. If all the Powers hold their present attitude firmly, within ten days at most Montenegro will obtain an equivalent for what the Treaty of Berlin gave her. And then the dispute will be shifted from Lake Scutari to Mount Olympus.