14 AUGUST 1880, Page 2

There has been a bad agrarian murder near New Ross,Wexford.

Mr. Charles Daniel Boyd, the son of Mr. Boyd, who is agent toMr. Tottenham and also Crown Solicitor, was killed by a ball fired at him on Sunday, when in company with his father, brother, and cousin, who were also attacked, but fortunately not killed, while driving from New Ross to Shanlough. An armed party of men, with their faces blackened, attacked the car, and Mr. Boyd himself was wounded. The motive for this murderous assault is not yet guessed. Mr. Tottenham stands well with his tenants, and Mr. Boyd himself is said to have had no difference with them, and no apprehension of danger. The attack was singularly bloodthirsty, one of the assassins pursuing the car after the murder, with the intention, it is supposed, of bayoneting those left on it, who escaped by lashing the horse into a gallop.