14 AUGUST 1880, Page 3

The sentence on Pleasance Louisa Ingle, the Guy's Hospital nurse

found guilty of manslaughter for the neglect of Mrs. Morgan in the bath, was three months' imprisonment, without hard labour. We believe she deserved either a severer sentence, or one less severe. If there was any intention to " punish" the poor patient for the condition of her bed, the sentence was not severe enough. If there was nothing but neglect, due in great measure to a want of knowledge of the nature of the case, the fault, though serious, was hardly so serious as that of the Sister to whom she had applied for permission to give the bath, and who had failed to give any kind of warning as to the care and tenderness neces- sary. Mr. Justice Hawkins himself would probably agree in -this, if we understand rightly his comment that in future "he hoped care would be taken that those who had the care of patients and had to perform these duties, would be well informed of the complaints they are suffering from."