14 JUNE 1902, Page 17



Sut,—I should be obliged if you would insert the following announcement :-

It is intended to issue at an early date lists of the chief errata in the "Dictionary of National Biography." Some error is inevitable in an undertaking of such magnitude, and although the mistakes that have hitherto been brought ta the editor's notice are neither numerous nor important, yet the well-estab- lished reputation of the "Dictionary' requires that; as far as practicable, errors affecting fact or date, however inconspicuous, should be removed. The lists of errata will deal exclusively with matters of fact and date, and will not supply new information. But it is desirable that the work of correction as, far as facts and dates are conceraed should be done fully and thoroughly. The publishers and myself would therefore feel greatly obliged if readers of the "Dictionary" who have not already forwarded to us particulars of mistakes that have come under their observation would send them to us now. All communications should be addressed to the Editor of the "Dictionary of National Biography," 15 Waterloo Place, London, S.W.

—I am, Sir, &c., SIDNEY LEE.