14 NOVEMBER 1840, Page 1

Tlie King of the Belgians opened the session of the

CI:embers of that country on Tuesday. The relations subsisting between King LEoPOLD and the Courts of England and France make his position of more than ordinary importance at present, and give additional interest to his speech. Its tone indicates the expectation of continued peace. Those portions which relate to foreign affairs we subjoin.

" Gentlemen—My relations with the ditf?rent Poweri continue to he satis- factory. The circumstances which lava occurred to threaten infringement of the harmony existing among the great states of Europe make me feel mere sen- sibly the value of that good intelligene. " The position of Belgium is determined by treaties, and perrethal neutrality has been solemnly assured to the territory. My Government has neglected no opportunity for making known the importance it attael!es to that gaurantee. We experience on every hand, with satisfaction I declare it, nothin! hut 'mitt •

ments of cordiality and respect for the principle insered (mit piddle bew. Neutrality is thi, ttlIC basis or our policy. Of this we cannot too strtnigly I nil the conviction : to maintain it sincerely., thitlifolly, and firmly, ouIit to Ire our constant ohject. " The negotiations to which the origin d the treaty with the king.bun of Netherhunhogives rise are prosecutol With all the activity which comports with the examination of numerous and delitate questions. The spirit of rancorl awl conciliation, of which the two Adtcs have recently had the onort unity of giving a fresh testimony, will continue, I hope, to excreise a ft...ourable halu- ence on the arrangements which rtniain to be concluded. "The benefits of nn abundant harvest twain to Int felt is the 1.th turItt elastt: they 01111111PatIll:P.,!Cously aid the interests of our nut ii t-a ItralicI'ees , t Iil• I I I..Ii whieli thedities which I shall always have ut heir: ciprottare. ziew pre •vc z 1.:;.,re than hill an agricultural produce will be submitted to your consi,ittrati.e:. Treaties dominIon in tile East, has sutler of navigation and commerce, wheel: will be presented 1s yens neectiem have 15 again nt tas,ses h recently hoot concluded with 1110 l`nited Stales of with ;1:]ero, dna to threaten rv point t I Oti•,,

with the (ntoman l'ou't'. Arrangvinents for navigation have ako I n agreed - upon with the Holy See, Spain, and the :Regency ot 'f :nee ; they t, :if be coat- !tumidity! to you.

only temporary, tuid for establishing qua rfect equilibrium bet iii in the expenses The expreses with tlw itpee.:11 of .tt tog

In the remaining portions of the speech, King LEoitoms alludes par- ticularly to " the national undertaking of railroads," and to the other means of internal communication, as subjects of deep interest. In conclusion, he observes-

" Gentlemen, all my thoughts have for their object the consolidation of our nationality : my acts tend to make it better appreciated abroad, and better loved at home. You have taken a groat part in this t wofold task. You will contiuue to labour with me for the happiness of the country and the fulfilment of the duties %Odell she imposes. May a lively nati•mal feeling never cease to preside over oils common efforts : it is the mrest guide for passins successfully through and for rendering p:triuds of traequillity and security belug nut, C prosperous."