14 NOVEMBER 1840, Page 10

The Augsburg Gazette of the 4th instant publishes a letter

from Constantinople, dated the 18th ultimo, announcing the arrival of Colonel Bodges (late British Consul at Alexandria) from Beyrout, which place Ile 101 on the 12th of October. Colonel Hodges was the bearer of the standard of Ibrahim Pasha ; which was immediately displayed at the hotel of Lord Ponsonby. The Ottoman Ministers repaired thither in great baste to see that standard, which was said to be invincible. "The hotel of' the British Entbaesy was besieged," says the Augsburg Ga- zette ; " everybody desired to see the trophy with their own eyes."

Some confusion hots prevailed at Alexandria respecting the date at which the blockade ought to have been enforced. Captain Fisher, of the Asia, enforced it on the Oth of October, notwithstanding the official no- tification of the Austrian Consul that it was to continence on the MIL. This produced much consternation among all the 'European merchants of Alexandria, and they sent a deputation to wait upon Captain Fisher and represent the injury they suffered by the unexpected execution of the measure. Captain Fisher, who received them very well, said that he was acting only in accordance with the strict orders of Admiral Stop- ford, but promised to suspend the blockade till the 14th. Meanwhile, 31, Cochelet, the French Consul, had been to Boglios Bey, and re- proached the Government for having destined for four days the Con- sular despatches from Syria and Turkey ; which, it' they had been at once delivered, would have enabled the Consuls to inform Captain Fisher of' the arrangement which the Austrian Cmtsid had announced, The ll'onstils then drew up a memorial to Captain Fisher, which an officer of the French corvette Diligente took on board the Asia. in this document they represented, that a note from the Ambassador at Constantinople had informed them that the blockade would continence only on the • Pa h, and that they had loot received official uotice of the blockade hi iv ing actually. commenced on the fith till the morning of the 10th. . They added that several merchants had freighted vessels on the strength of the melee from Constantinople, and they hoped that a mistake a dates Would not be allowed to turn to their disadvantage. Captain Fisher replieml by a letter to the Consuls, repeating what. he had stated to the 1ncrnint7,ts, ;aid adding, that while he took upon Jinn- self to tweede to their 111,11P,4 mmmiii SlIveud the blockade till the 16tb, he would send a light vessel off to Admiral Stopford to Make the requisite explanations. The French officer, who mut with the kindest reception from Captain Fisher, mentioned to him the apprehensions of the European inhabitants in ease of on attack on the i0W11. Captain Fisher replied, that he did not think that any attack would take plac.e yet, and that the :tilled threes would make their position in Syria perfectly sure before COninicucing operations agaiust Alexandria. M. Oieltelet and M. Walewski had another interview of Mehemet Alt on the isth, and with great difficulty prevailed on him not to order lilt fleet to put to sea immediately. III consequence of the suspension of the blockade, the Great Liverpool steamer was admitted into the I harbour.

A telegraphic despatch, since published in the Meniteur, after men- tioning the departure of the Great Liverpool steamer from Alexandria, announces, that Admiral Stopford had deferred the commencement of the blockade to the 20th November. The same despatch announces that St. Jean d'Acre had not yet been attacked.